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More Kerrigan Progress!

As a continuation of my first progress post here is a few more progress pics of my Kerrigan costume as I gear up for Otakon this July!

All of the armor is made out of various thicknesses of EVA foam, which I got at various locations like Michales, Sears, Big Lots and Home Depot. I installed clear vinyl tubing in the legs and shoulders to act as windows and diffusers for my EL tape lighting. You can see the test run I did on the shoulder pad - it looks neat!

I used a soldering iron to carve gouges in the foam, and used silicone putty to mold screw heads that I cast in hot glue for detail. Hot glue is a super fast, super cheap way to cast small objects, a great alternative to resin. I added backer rod (which is a similar material to pool noodles) for details and to add interest. Then I filled seams and edges with silicon caulk (white parts).

After filling I coated armor pieces in plasti-dip to seal up the foam to ready it for painting. I installed velcro closures on the thigh pieces and boots, and did a test run. 

Looks like things are coming together!

(Source: facebook.com)

  1. rynninator said: I just want to hug you so badly right now because I’m planning an upcoming project with similar light vents and I had NO idea how I was going to “cast” clear cases. The tubing idea is GREAT! Also, everything looks amazing so far!
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