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It’s been too long since I posted any cosplay progress. I need to keep up with that.

Here is my newest costume, that I am making for AUSA this weekend. It is the Disney Designer Queen of Hearts, from their new doll collection. I completely adore the drawing, but am not totally in love with the doll. I tried to base my dress off of the drawing, since I like it best.

I didn’t really realize what I was getting myself into.

There are over 15 yards of taffeta and 10 yards of lace, and 5 yards of velvet in this costume. I cut strips of taffeta and lace for the skirt, and did a rolled hem on every raw edge, talk about time consuming. Total there is 179 yards of rolled hem total on this dress… if I laid my hemmed fabric end to end I would cover the length of a football field AND some! Insane!

The collar is one of my favorite parts, it has stiff interfacing, boning and a wire frame, to make sure that sucker stays up. ( I had a limp collar on my Sakizou costume since the wig pushed it down). This one will be ERECT! ERECT I TELL YOU!

The wig was a bit of a mess. I bought an Arda Jasmine, a ponytail wig with no clip on. It was a lot of hair to manage, and after studying the do on the doll and on the drawing, I just had to concede that hair can’t work like that. I had a close approximation of the hair do, but the double bun set up was so bulky it rubbed on the collar and made the hairs go frizzy. I am pretty happy with the way the wig turned out, for one of my first major wig styling undertakings I am fairly happy! Maybe I could do better with some foamcore, but we will see how this one works out. (There is a sock stuffed with extra lace inside the hair creating the volume!).

I am pretty much done with this costume and am super proud of myself, I challenged myself with a very sewing intensive project, and think I came out on top! Yay for growth! 

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