Dust Bunny Cosplay

Disney Designer Queen of Hearts

The bodice is made of red velveteen fabric, I had to interface it to keep it from stretching. It has plastic boning to help keep the shape, and grommets in the back for a tie closure.

The collar is attached to the bodice, and has 2 layers of interfacing, plastic boning, and aluminum wire to help keep it standing tall. The white ruffs are made of textured taffeta, and are sewn to the collar. The collar is edged with a sparkly red ribbon.

The side poofs are made of velvet and lined in red satin, they are filled with tulle to give them shape.The bow in the back was made out of interfaced velvet and clips onto the back of the corset.

The skirt contains over 170 yards of rolled hem and ruffles (that’s longer then a football field). There is over 25 yards of fabric in the skirt alone. About 15 yards of gold taffeta, and 10 yards of black lace. I used a serger to put a rolled hem on the taffeta and lace, and a ruffler foot to gather the fabric. The taffeta and lace were sewn on to the skirt in a layered fashion to create body and depth.

There is a hoop skirt underneath to help hold the shape.

Featuring photography by AshBImages (Image 3 & 4) and SoulfirePhotography (Image 1,2 & 5)

Costume by Dust Bunny Cosplay

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